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Life’s a Beach!

It’s Sunday evening, I’ve been out at Stinson for the last few days, and I’m finally detoxed from my daily stress. I’m doing whatever I want, whenever I want with no pressure to accomplish or any deadlines or worries. The only thing I have to do is take care of my family’s needs and spend time with the kids, which is a good time in any case. Today we went to Point Reyes and picked up several dozen oysters from Drake’s Bay Oyster Company, then stopped in town at Cowgirl Creamery for some favorite savory cheeses (Eli had his own fair share of the Mount Tam brie), then we came home, Eli and I scrubbed up the oysters, we had a some small ones raw with homemade minionette and the rest we threw on the barbecue. I did manage to puncture my finger with the knife (corollary: when shucking oysters, a) make sure you have the appropriate knife (a short, blunt-ended knife will do nicely), b) make sure you have proper hand protection (a single hand towel is not enough), and c) make sure you have bandages in the house, just in case (I have a wad of paper towel around my finger, secured by scotch tape).) but the oysters were good and we had a lovely dinner. A few chocolate cookies and a cup of coffee later, and I’m settled into my late evening blogging and surfing the web off of my stolen feed from the neighbors (love free wireless!).
Later tonight I’ll probably put up more recordings for my audioblog, and I’ll mess around with more karaoke I’ve grabbed off of Limewire.
I am loving these moments.

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