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Happy Birthday, Sista!

It’s 2 AM and I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so ‘today’ is still officially 7/31 to me, and it’s my little sis’s birthday. She turned 28 — one of my favorite years, and yet also a difficult one. It’s the year of Saturnal return, if you believe in that sort of thing. For me, it’s the year that adulthood finally clicked and career finally clicked and family finally clicked. For me it was the year 2000-2001; the year my son was born, the last months before Excite died and I had to reassess my career and life. There were highs and lows, but through it all I ended up in a much better place. I wish for you, my sis, less strife but more growth. May this be an interesting but safe year for you. Happy Birthday.

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