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11 Years is and isn’t a long time.

So tonight after Julie went to bed, I hooked up our newly-repaired mac mini back to the media station (it had a motherboard go — thank god for applecare!), and one of the items I’ve recently picked up but just finally installed is an eyeTV 250 from elgato, that among other things allows me to record digitally from external analog sources, such as our VCR. One of the great projects I am going to endeavor on is to tape off and record all of our video tapes that we wish to keep before the media degrades too far. Of all the video tapes we have, the most precious and also arguably one of the oldest is our wedding video from 1995. It’s amazing what a difference 11 years can make on video technology. The sound is thin, the tape is already starting to look faded, but there’s probably some work I can do in order to restore some quality. We’ll see.

Other than quality of the technology, it’s really fascinating to see the difference in ages of all those in attendance. Those in our twenties are now in our thirties; our parents in their fifties are now in their sixties; grandparents and relatives are now gone that used to be here. Friends have moved out of our lives, couples have split and reformed in different configurations. Our bodies have all changed shapes, and hairlines have receded or even disappeared. And yet, here we are, still moving forward. The love that we felt back then I still feel today. The blessings we received on that day have all come true, and continue to do so. And yet, it’s so wonderful… such a blessing.. to have a window back on that day, a 2-hour snapshot of time from a day eleven years ago.

I think it really helps to every once in a while take a step backward in time to remember what’s really important, and what this is all about. In the face of freaky five year olds, screaming toddlers, business trips and tired parents cranking out at one another, there is a core that comes from that moment in time — a seed of love and joy and innocence that still feeds our souls, and allows us to smile at and with one another.

I love you, Julie, and in Bert’s words “Forever is not an unreasonable amount of time”.

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