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Panic! At the Pre-School

Oh blessed blessed hangover, I knew you wouldn’t forsake me.

Yesterday after the conference (which I will be blogging about later on my work blog) Jay and I headed out to see Panic! At The Disco out at the Expo center here in Portland, for a strangely early 7:30 show. I had never seen Panic! but The Dresden Dolls opened up for them who I have never seen live, but I absolutely love their music. So I bought tickets a few weeks ago, and drug Jay along for the ride. Jay told a friend from work, Mark, about the event, and he decided to join us for the concert. When we got there, it turned out to be completely sold out, but Mark managed to grab a ticket from a scalper nonetheless.

Once we got in, it became readily apparent that a) there was no booze, b) the room was full of underage kids ranging from high school to literally a few grade-school aged kids, and c) there was no booze. It was totally a ‘smells like teen spirit’ scene, and we did our best to acclimatize. After paying for a $3.00 water, we moved closer to the stage and the Dresden Dolls came on shortly thereafter. We missed the opening band, whomever they were, but we really didn’t care. The Dolls were freakin’ awesome, and I was quite pleased to go. We could have left at that point and I would have been completely happy. The show was incredible, with their classical meets punk meets goth meets all-the-things-love style. A few times, they asked the crowd to back up — evidently people were getting seriously trampled near the stage, so much so that some kids got hauled off to the hospital. Damn. I don’t remember getting trampled at the concerts i went to as a kid. Then again, I tended to go see bands like Depeche Mode. DM fans don’t trample.

The set was shorter than I wanted, but they did have a new band to put on. I’m completely pleased that we stayed. Panic! At the Disco is a phenomenal band of the new generation that I can only compare to Duran Duran as far as style and presentation, but with a mix of The Residents and Cirque du Soleil. Their sound was high-energy, almost vapor-esque (I’m liking ‘esque’ today), but with some serious Jellyfish and Red Cross influences. They did an awesome cover of Radiohead and another of Smashing Pumpkins. What was particularly interesting about the band was their outfits which were very much 1980’s emo / Duran Duran / Adam Ant (the guitarist raided Adam’s wardrobe), and… the dancers. They had a three person dance team (one man, two women) who did costume changes, burlesque & cabaret throughout the entire show, and with ever-increasing band participation. I was quite impressed. I’d see them again. They were much better than Cats.

After the show, the three of us realized we were entirely too sober and it was entirely too early to go back home. The Dresden Dolls were doing a post-show at a bar called ‘The Mission’, but we had no idea where it was. We met someone on the train (Missy) who became our guide for the evening, and we ended up at a local dive bar called ‘The Matador’, which spun a great combo of punk, hip-hip and 80’s tunes, and the crowd was cool. There, we proceeded to get hammered. I played a game of pool, and met a cute doggie that gave me lots of kisses. Much fun was had by all. We grabbed a cab at 2am and then collapsed back into our respective rooms.

That’s it, that was my evening. Good times.

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