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Stuck in Denny’s Again

It’s 10:13 PM, all my drinking buddies are gone to sleep early, all the local places are closed… except Denny’s, so in my inability to just go back to my room and go to sleep, I’m in Denny’s drinking bad coffee and eating bad food, but I’m right across the street from my hotel and I can somehow get the wireless network here, but not in my room. [correction — I’ve lost connectivity.] God, I am in such the teen hang-out. Is this the way we used to look? Yep, I bet it was.

I just got back from a long day at the convention, and all-in-all I had a pretty good day. I went to some good sessions on development build environments and testing suites, and that’s pretty much how much of a big fat nerd that I am. This evening was the opening kick-off, with Larry Wahl doing his State of the Onion gig, comparing Perl 6 to an adolescent becoming an adult with typically excellent allegory and metaphor, and Damian Conway doing his usual wow-the-audience talk casting himself in the lead role of ‘The Divinci Codebase’, in which we discover the RIAA is guilty of murder. I’ll give a greater amount of detail in my Work Blog.

While I am in town I was hoping to visit old friends, but unfortunately my new cellphone does not have any of my old numbers (they said switching the simcard would bring my numbers over, but it didn’t, dammit) and they don’t have valid numbers on google, so that is the end of that. It seems kinda weird, but all the usual OSCON crew seem to be missing this year — no O’Reilly partiers, no folks from my favorite open source companies… I’m at a loss. I do have some buddies from the CSU here, but they’ve all headed back to their respective hotels. Ah well, perhaps I need to just take the message from the universe and take it easy, after all I have just passed a kidney stone.

In positive news, I feel much better today than I did yesterday, and the storm of stones seems to have passed. I am not sleepy, but I don’t have the energy to go out by myself into downtown, and I’m not smart enough to sleep yet. So, I’ll blog all my day’s experiences, and by then it’ll be late enough to crash or read myself to sleep.

I miss my family — it’s been nice spending so much time with Julie last week, and now I’m having withdrawls, not to mention totally missing my boys. At least I’m learning great things (Selenium rocks, and I don’t mean the element — google it!), and tomorrow looks to be pretty cool as well.

I can’t believe I am in Denny’s

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