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Waitin’ for a Jet Plane…

It’s Sunday and I’m waiting in the airport for my flight out to Portland that’s been delayed until after 10pm. As if the red eye wasn’t late enough, I likely won’t be laying head on pillow until around 1 am or later. I guess all of my lack-of-sleep cross training will pay off. I’ve got to be up bright and early tomorrow morning for OSCON 2006, and at the con by 7:30 am. Wheee!

So yeah, the last week’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Starting on Wednesday through yesterday Julie and I went on a fantastic vacation in wine country, spending two nights in Glenn Ellen, and one night in Healdsburg. I’ll let you read her blog for details of the time we had — it was fun, but was tempered first by record-breaking temperatures that still have not let up (today I was in the van driving Isaac around to escape the heat, and the outside temp got as high as 111F), and also reading my email on my return was a big fat bummer as it became readily apparent that the instance of Pachyderm I set up for NMC to do their Marcus training crashed and burned hard during their entire experience. I have no idea just how salvageable the event was for them, or what sort of political ramifications it’s had, but this has to be a lesson in not running development code for mission critical events. Blearg. So there are tons and tons of errors to investigate, and while email went out to the pachyderm development list, there has been silence from everyone on any potential answers to their problems — it will all fall on my shoulders to work out, and of course I’m at OSCON all week long. I sense I’m not going to get a lot of sleep while I’m away.

I haven’t heard back from the other CSU attendees of OSCON, so I have no idea if they are going to contribute to our CATS blog about their experiences. I haven’t even announced it to the list, so I have work to do between tonight and tomorrow. Fphfht.

I thought vacations were supposed to leave you feeling refreshed and happy, and somehow I’m just more stressed out because I missed these days of work. Well, I’ll rise above and have a good time at the con this week — this is my favorite conference of the year and I always come home energized. Maybe I’ll find others that are interested in joining the Pachyderm team. Maybe I’ll find new technologies to save our cheese and make our experience with Pachyderm less painful. Maybe I’ll just attend another Ruby on Rails session and then forget it all at the end of the week. Actually, this year I’m going to try to make an attempt to be nerdy and actually put in time on the computer to practice the lessons I learn and to really try to embed the knowledge into my brain.

Yeah. Right.

And to top it off, I’m not even escaping the heat by going north. Portland is scheduled to have record-breaking heat this week as well. tomorrow the high will be 98F, and it won’t drop below 85 until Thursday. Glad I packed shorts. I won’t be needing this leather jacket.

I’ll be blogging here and on my work blog all this week, as I am able, so I’ll be seeing you in cyberland.

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