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Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend had some good highs and a final low just this evening. On Saturday my nephew Jonah came over and spent the entire day with me, Eli, Julie, and his parents for his first game of Dungeons and Dragons at his request. Ever since winter vacation, when I spent a week out with the family at Stinson and introduced Jonah to the idea of Dungeons and Dragons, he’s been obsessed with the idea, and proclaimed that he’d give up his eighth birthday party this year if I’d just run him in a game w/ Eli and family. How could I possibly refuse? I have to say, both Jonah (8) and Eli (5) blew me away with their attention, focus, involvement and general understanding of the process. I had a great time, and we told a really successful story. The kids made it to second level and loved leveling up. I think I’ve started a family tradition with the boys to run a game every time we get together for any extended period. Also, I think I want to start up a weekly game with Eli to run on Fridays after dinner for an hour or so. So yeah, we had a great time. Everyone played their part, everyone cooperated and collaborated, and in the end they retrieved the Elven Emerald of Shaindara for the temple of Corellon the Most High, and escaped with their lives. :). Now more than ever, I want to write my book on Role Playing Games and Education. The kids were doing math in their heads because they had to calculate hit points and armor class, and figure out if they made their skill rolls. They were solving puzzles, and thinking in 3-d space, and using diplomacy and working out conflicts without violence (oh, and kicking butt on orcs and goblins and skeletons and zombies)… it was awesome.

Yesterday we spent the day at the park, then headed back to our house for another dinner, and while we had a good time, it became overwhelming with all the family over. I was happy to say good night and good bye. Love you all, see you next time.

Today my parents came over to visit with us and the kids, and though it was a little unfocused and low key, it was nice to see them. I know they loved seeing the kids. I bbq’d up a late lunch, and we ate and then they went home. My allergies were absolutely kicking my ass today, so I slowly fell into a lethargic state. Eventually it got so bad that I had to lay down for an hour and a half, waking up to the sound of Isaac screaming. Evidently he thrust his hands into the ashes under the bbq when no one was looking, and burned the crap out of his thumb and fingers. We’re talking second degree burns with blisters and all sorts of ugly nastiness. I went in tonight at midnight to look at him and give him his dose of tylenol, and put a little ointment on his finger, and the blisters were HUGE. they cover the majority of his thumb, and a portion of his middle and ring fingers. I am really worried about the guy. It makes me sad just thinking about the pain he was in earlier, and how much this is gonna hurt for at least a few days. If the blisters pop, then we enter into the world of being concerned with infection as well. So good weekend up until just this evening. Anyhow, it’s after midnight — I’m gonna try to get some sleep now.

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