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Questions For Matt

1. It’s your twentieth wedding anniversary. You decide to make a retrospective video montage for your wife to celebrate your time together. Tell me the five most memorable moments in the video.
2. What is your plan for overcoming your greatest fear?
3. What, other than ninjas, scrubs or boobs makes you feel smart? But seriously, what in your life do you look at with pride and confidence?
4. If you were allowed one magical take-back that would erase a single mistake in your life, what would you use it on?
5. Brewster’s Millions, modified: If you were given twenty million dollars and a year to spend it, with the caveat that whatever you purchased you’d never be able to sell, nor could it make you any dividends itself, how would you spend it? You could keep your possessions, but only if you spent all the money before the year is out.

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