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Dear Mr. President

I was forwarded this link from Mark in an email, which is a youtube video of Pink playing their song ‘Dear Mr. President’. I’m not a big Pink fan, but this song has struck a chord with me in only that way that emotional pleas for rational thought and compassion can. What’s amazing to me is not just the song, which is direct and strong and very poignant, but to see all of the fan videos that people have put together for the song, and all the imagery of the suffering of the country and the world. It’s absolutely heart-breaking. As much as this song is an appeal to ‘W’ and his policy of (non)compassion, it’s also an appeal to each one of us to think about our daily life and how we walk through the world, with blinders on to the suffering of the planet. Watch a few of the fan flicks, and see if you can keep a dry eye. I forget about the suffering of the world when I’m in my day-to-day, but being a father, I am so available to bearing witness when I stop and take a look. There are some things that we really just shouldn’t abide in our modern world; hunger, disease — we can solve these issues. Why is it that the most powerful nation of the world cannot properly act as custodians for the human race? Instead, we perpetuate our own self-interested way of life that slowly leeches the life out of the rest of the world.
Okay, I’m off my soapbox. I just had to share my emotional state while it was fresh.

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