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Antiboiotics are the shisnit!

Okay, so only hours after my last blog post, I was feeling better already, and this morning? I woke up completely clear, with no congestion to be found anywhere, no sinus pain, no nasal pain, no sore throat (only the inklings that I even used to have a sore throat) and no chest conjestion. Man, I f*cking love western medicine. I swear to you, if some witch doctor with a bone through his nose came and shook a dead chicken over my body and said some crazy words to the mighty Juju and I woke up feeling this great the next day, I’d be a true believer. All praise the mighty Juju.
I am notoriously bad about not wanting to take meds and not wanting to rely on western medicine, but this time… oh man, I love me them doctors. Zithromax is the f*cking shisnit. All praise the pharmeceutical companies. Take my money, make me poor. Just make my cold and infection disappear in twelve hours.
I am so finishing this series of meds off. I do NOT want this evil mofo of a cold coming back.

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