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Being Sick Sucks

For the last week, I’ve been up and down the wellness rollercoaster, but mostly I’ve been flat out sick. Today I finally got an appointment into the doctors, where they gave me the grand poo-bah of all antibiotics (ZithroMAX) and now I’m on the road to… well, something. I’m in a feverish daze right now, so it should be interesting to read this later….
…what was my original point?
…Oh yeah, being sick sucks. I mean, I’ve had the ‘oh, I stayed out too late last night so I’ll call in sick and sleep in’, or the ‘I feel really crappy, but it’ll pass in a day or two’, or the ‘I just really need a freakin’ day off and I don’t want to burn vacation on it’, but this is the ‘dude, I am completely laid out and can’t think straight’ kinda sick, and you know what’s worse? I worked through every single day of it except for today, which is a Chancellor’s office holiday, and so I’m sick on my vacation day.
I’ve had it all, too. Sinus infection, sore throat, fever, cold, stomach ache, chest congestion, coughs, stuffed-up nose and ears and sinuses… Now I’m just raw. That, and the antibotics gave me crazy dreams. I was in some crazy amusement park in the midwest that would just drop you off from your rollercoaster ride wherever it liked in the park, and you had to figure out where you were and how you got there.
yeah, i’m delusional.
but hopefully the magic of modern allopatic medicine will kick in and it will be all recovery starting tomorrow. Mostly, I’d settle for this sore throat going away, and the reclaiming of my brain from the fever monsters. I took some Tylenol, so hopefully that’ll come true soon.
And I need a shower.
But mostly, I need to thank Julie for letting me sleep for hours today, and taking care of the kids, and letting me be grumpy and sick even in the face of her own grump and her own sick. I’m not usually this sick, and it takes me by surprise whenever my immune system doesn’t work in the super-duper fashion that I’ve come to be accustomed to. I think that’s why I tend to be less sensitive with people that are sick than I could be — I just don’t have the experience. But, with the super germs we’ve been breeding, and with global warming helping to increase the prime conditions for bacterial and viral breeding, not to mention having two kids in the prime vector for contagion, perhaps I’ll learn that compassion and humility soon enough.
Now I just need to chase the purple bunny out of the living room…

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