Daily Archives: January 26, 2006

sleepless in marinwood

26 January 2006

It’s nearly two in the morning — what am I still doing up? Too much coffee during a game of Star Wars RPG, plus catching up with LOST TiVo’d from earlier, and my mind is buzzing. Of course, now that I’m actually blogging, the tired is hitting me, so I’ll cut it short. I feel like starting today I finally got a hold of this year by the tail. I burned through like 30 email responses, got some headway on a major high-priority chunk of code for work (converting Pachyderm’s OS X – specific image previewing code to a platform-independant solution), and finished up lettering Gloomcookie 26 a few days ago. I still have some things on my plate to take care of, but I feel like I’m now on top of the waves instead of beneath them. I’m going to attempt to blog every day again. I’ve done it both ways, and I think the longer I let myself get away with saying nothing, the less likely I am to write anything meaningful. Also, I think I would like to get started on writing ‘morning pages’ again — that sort of flow was really good for my creativity, and I haven’t been doing it in over six months. Actually, probably closer to a year, since Isaac’s been born. Man, time flies.
So, expect to read more of me here, even if it’s banal and meaningless, it’ll be my particular brand of chatter. And every once in a while, if you’re lucky, I’ll drop a gem into the mix. No really, I promise :).