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New installation of Movable Type to 3.2

Hey everyone,

So this all started when I could no longer post to my blog. It was totally unexplainable, especially since a) I hadn’t changed anything and b) other users could still post just fine, and c) the entries entered the database but did not rebuild.


So, I bit the bullet and tonight I upgraded to MT 3.2, which is supposed to be payware but it appears to run fine w/o it. If they ding me, I’ll more than happily pay the $99 unlimited personal use fee, since I’m not making any money off of my blog software or service. I give it away, give it away, give it away now. My first impressions is that it’s totally slick, and provides more power and more options… and even better — it posts my messages now.

I’m tired, punchy, and should really go to bed. it’s 1:46AM, for Ganesha’s sake. Okay… as soon as I stop farking around with the shiny new plug-ins I can install, I’ll shut down and go to sleep.

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