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Coming off the holiday high

5 January 2006

First off, Happy New Year. 2005 flew the *bleep* by, and so much was packed into that fateful year that it makes one’s head spin just trying to do a mental recap… so I won’t even try. It’s done, good riddance, I got some cool stuff out of it (like Isaac), and there was plenty bad left behind as well. Let’s hope for a more productive, safer, happier, and impeachment-laden 2006.

But, since we last left our hero…

The last week or so has been a whirlwind, and during most of it I have managed to stay unplugged (for the most part… no really!), and I really got absolutely NOTHING done other than relaxation, hanging with my family, oh yeah and cleaning out mud and muck from Julie’s mother’s store, not to mention getting over a cold and nursing Elijah through 3 days of high fever hell, but more details to follow.

Last week, starting on the 27th, we packed up the family and headed out to Stinson Beach to spend the week with Julie’s family. We were in this really cool 4-bedroom on the beach that had bunk beds for the boys, a room for ourselves plus Isaac, a room for D & K, and a room for Z. Julie’s parents have a 2-bedroom cabin out on the beach themselves, so they would head over in the morning, stay the day, and then head home to sleep in the evening. It was a pretty tight deal.

Wednesday the 28th, I headed out to Sacramento with very good friends to catch Dieselboy spin live at some club whose name is unimportant. We had an awesome time. I stayed out late, slept in late, and then hustled my butt back to the beach the next day afternoon. I started feeling a little sick that morning, so I think that’s where I might have first encountered ‘the bug’. But, I headed back to the beach after picking up needed supplies, and stayed out with family until Saturday the 31st, when it became apparent that a) the power was out, b) the flood waters were rising, and c) we needed to get the heck out of Dodge before we were stuck with no power and no supplies out at the beach. It’s about that time that we found out that Julie’s moms’s store in San Anselmo had about 2 1/2 feet of water flood through it, drenching thousands of dollars of merchandise and filling the store with inches of mud, silt, debris and who knows what else. So, we spent the day packing up all our crap and heading back inland. Many of our normal routes were closed due to landslide, but luckily Hwy 1 was still open, which we managed to navigate at dusk all the way back out. We celebrated New Years Eve together with family at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant (Totally awesome!) and then hung out at Julie’s parents’ place. Julie and her mom took off to the store to survey the damage, and then returned for the big ring-in. We didn’t watch the NYC festivities — watched SF instead. Felt weird not to watch the vampire Clarkstat ring in the new year, but hey — not my TV. After that, we packed up the kids and went home.

All was well until about 2-3am when Eli woke up with a burning fever and totally cranky. Great way to ring in the new year. Julie and I took turns taking care of the little boy, and the next day we got Julie’s aunt J to babysit the tykes while Julie and I headed over to the store to help clean up. We spent the entire day doing triage on the store, and I helped scrap out gallons and gallons of mud and water from the recesses of the store. Thank the lord for shop wetvacs, is all I have to say. Exhausted and aware our little one was not fairing well, we opted out of evening family festivities, and headed home to take care of our children. Eli was up all night long every six hours whenever the Motrin wore off, and his fever was consistently 102 and above. We’d dose him again, try to get him to sip some water, and try to get him comfortable enough to sleep again. Monday the next day he was no better, and I had caught the bug myself, though to a lesser degree. So I spent the day taking care of both children, feeling crappy myself, and struggling to stay above water (with the help of Julie’s dad) while Julie went back to the store to continue helping putting the store in order. That evening I was all wonky and sleep-screwed (as I am tonight) and stayed up way too late watching the first of two disks of an Ivanhoe miniseries. Crazy, man.

This morning, Eli’s fever broke and I was feeling pretty close to normal (though beat as hell), and we took both kids into the doctor. Isaac was having his 9-month well visit (and immunizations) and they checked Eli for Strep (the 10-min initial test came back negative, and we get the culture results tomorrow, but chances are it’s just garden-variety nasty virus.) We rolled out, picked up our pets from doggy and kitty camp, I managed to do a little shopping, shoved some food in our mouths, spent some time cleaning the house, and then I spent the last hour helping julie organize her iTunes playlist so she can fit songs onto the 40 gig ipod she inherited from me (which by the way, only holds about 36 gigs of music.) That brings me to just about fifteen minutes ago, in which I finished, set the pod to synch, and started writing this blog entry. Tomorrow morning Julie leaves early to go to Seattle for the day, and I’ll be left dropping off all the kids and picking them up as well. I’m highly tempted to try to work from home, because the drop off and pick up is brutal, but I wasn’t in work today due to sick recovery, and I won’t be in Friday, so I am in conflict about it. I’d get more work in if I just stay at home, so I may opt for that option.

In any case, it’s past 1am and I should get my ass in bed. So, let’s wrap with some revelations and resolutions:

  1. Revelation — playing with kids is fun, and I don’t do it nearly enough.
  2. Revelation — doing nothing at all is therapeutic.
  3. Resolution — No more smoking for me. I’ve ‘quit’ smoking over ten years ago, but I still from time to time have been known to bum a cig, or buy the occasional pack for ‘parties’, etc. Several weeks ago I bought a pack, smoked a bunch of it at a party, and got a nasty chest cold that wouldn’t go away. I found myself smoking the remainder of the pack while I was sick and it got WAY worse. They are insidious killers, and I want no more part of them. I have plenty of other vices to kill me off.
  4. Revelation — getting enough sleep is more than just nice, it’s essential.
  5. Resolution — I’m going to give myself enough sleep on a consistent basis so that I can have the reserves to handle emergencies (such as sick children), and so when I occasionally decide to burn the midnight oil, I’m okay with it and not killing myself.
  6. Resolution — due to my sleep deprivation, I put Julie in the direct line of fire of my inability to pull my weight with the kids. Therefore, getting enough sleep also means going to be early enough so that I can wake up with the kids. I am going to be getting up around 6ish each morning of January so that I’m there with the children and so that Julie isn’t overburdoned. This morning, julie let me sleep in until 8am. Thank you honey.
  7. Resolution — Time to lose the weight I put on in 2005. the number hit 250 in Nov/Dec, which is red flashing lights defcon 5 emergency. I have to lose at least 30 lbs in 2006, but hopefully more. Time to break out the palm and start counting points again. No more vacation eating, I mean it! (anybody want a peanut?)

…that should do it for now. There are other epiphanies to report on, other things to promise to myself, but for now, I must go get that sleep I need, since I’m gonna be up at 6am to help get everything set for the housecleaners and to get the kids out the door so I can scoot into work on time.