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Out for the week, out for the year…

27 December 2005

I have all sorts of fun blog posts going on in my head, so many reflections on the holiday and on religion, family, mirth, tradition, etc… but you’ll have to wait until after the 3rd to hear any of them. I’m disconnecting from the web from today until next Tuesday, as my family and I spend the week at the beach with absolutely no internet (unless, of course, I can steal wi-fi from the neighbors, but I’m not counting on that and I’ll probably just ignore it even if I can get connectivity). I’m going to read, play games, have fun with real people and unplug for as much time as I can. I’ll also probably do some writing, and that includes some off-line blog posts that I’ll send to the server as soon as I get back in January. Have a great rest of your year, I’ll see you in 2006!

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