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1200+ RSS feeds bite the dust

14 September 2005

Oh my god.

I just spent the last four hours catching up on my feeds, and I have to say I skimmed most, and read few. Dude. My brain is fried. I was only going to read a few, but once you get going, you tell yourself ‘I can totally whip through these in no time’, well… tempus fugit. I’d go to bed this very second, but I still have some things to do… crap. I should go to bed and do those things in the morning, and just admit I totally blew my evening surfing the blogosphere. If I go to bed now, I pretty much will get like 4 hours of sleep. So be it. It’s better if I get a little rest and just slog through the morning. Tomorrow is trash day, recycling has to go out, and the cleaners are coming, so we have to pick up too. I told Julie I’d do some of that tonight, but I totally just fucked off the evening. I was also supposed to put up previews for Serena today for Nightmares #14, but I got trapped in the rss black hole. I’ll work through lunch tomorrow and get them out then. It’s a Wednesday, which means it’s staff meeting hell day. I should just call in sick… But no, must persevere.

Okay, that’s it. Goodnight folks.

1200+ feed entries. Jesus, where do they all come from? It’s worse than email.

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