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Birthday desires

I am not one for deciding what I want for my birthday. Material presents bore me – Either I don’t want it, or I usually buy it for myself. I do like anything off my Amazon list, but if you’re not into that, there are a few things that come to mind that are excellent gifts for me. I am totally serious about all of them, and if any sound good, please sign up for the task. I would accept any and all with the utmost gratitude. Here’s one request per year of my life come my birthday.

1) That aforementioned coffee mug. Dude, those are cool tech.

2) I would *love* for someone to buy a nice picture for my hall bathroom and hang it up in there. It’s so empty and drab, and I am tired of looking at the blank wall. Same goes for the ‘master’ bath, whatever that means in an Eichler.

3) I would love to see some template/trim decoration painted along the top border of the same bathroom.

4) I need to figure out a better sound system for the living room. I need some help picking things out, and installing them.

5) I need new speakers for my car. I’ll pay for them, I just need help picking them out.

6) I’d love one of those iPod connectors to your car stereo. I need to locate who sells them. This is the type that’s a cradle and plugs directly into your system. They sell one for $100 or something like that, and it’s supposed to be the best.

7) I’d love someone to take my iPod back to the apple store (again) because this second one I got to replace my first one that broke… is broke.

8) Recently I got this ‘great courses’ catalog in the mail which is a place you can acquire recorded lectures on interesting topics from the best professors in the world. I’d love some of those.

9) I soooo need help gardening the back yard. My gardeners are feeble and charge too much anyhow. The back yard is just unfinished and needs a helping hand.

10) I need help installing the gate to the side yard so the dog can have a dog run and I can have a back yard that is dog-free for those events (or when the gardeners come).

11) babysitting so that Julie and I can go out and watch some movies and spend some time together.

12) I need help rodent-proofing my side yard.

13) I would like some golf lessons. I have clubs, I just don’t know WTF to do with them.

14) New music to listen to.

15) I need help going through all my collected video footage and mastering them off to dvd. I also need help making compilations.

16) I would like guitar lessons.

17) I would like to just get together and jam, and be allowed to suck and get better over time.

18) I really want to redesign yaboogie.com to be cool and useful, but I suck at design. I’d love help giving the site a facelift.

19) I’d love to go on an all-guy camping trip with my man-friends.

20) Lots of happy people coming to my birthday party.

21) I would love help designing the housegame.net site as well. I have really good ideas, but need help on the art/design side.

22) I would love to make a mini film with friends.

23) I would love to do some podcasts with friends.

24) I need cleaning and organizing my office. Dude, the place is a wreck.

25) I want to build a deck/playstructure for the kids out in the back yard. I will need from the design through building phase. I’d like to do this in the not-to-distant future (i.e. in the next year or so)

26) I need to re-lay the stones around the garden to the side yard to make an actual path. right now it sucks, and I have the stones, but I need to put in some guides and fill in with sand. Again, I’ll buy materials. I just need help doing it.

27) I need help clearing the garage back to a usable space, and calling up good will or whoever the hell needs calling to take away all the crap we don’t want/need. then calling 1800-u-got-junk or whatever to hall away the rest.

28) i would love to visit my friends more. Please call me at random times and invite yourself over.

29) I would love help scanning a shitload of photos into the computer. Even if its’ just keeping me company while I do it, or watching the kids so I can get it done.

30) I would love help recreating my mix tapes from years ago as cd’s.

31) I would love to get help touching up all the little nicks and dings on my car.

32) If anyone out there understands MovableType templates, I’ve got more work I’d love to do to my theme, but I don’t get it all.

33) I would love to put in shelving in the garage and in the front garage area. I think home depot is gonna be the supplier, but I need help figuring it all out, pricing it, and installing it.

that’s it, do with it what you will. thanks for listening.

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