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Blog history

So I was goofing around tonight, and I ran across this…

Parental Musings

This is one of the very first blogs I started keeping, with Julie, about our experiences raising a very young Eli. We didn’t get very far, nor keep it up very long, but there are half a dozen entries that are worth reading. It’s funny how much has changed since then, but how relevant those feelings still feel today.

This brings up the topic of going back into the archives of blogs — it an interesting predicament, since blogs by their nature are about what’s happening in the moment (periodicals are about the present), but blogs unlike their ancestors, the web page, have a built-in history… that stays around. I can go back and see what I was talking about, thinking about, in the past for as long as I’ve been blogging.

For example, on June 27th, 2003, I talk about my gall bladder surgery just 4 days previous. On August 17th, 2003, I document the cutting of my hair. On April 28, 2004 I make an observation that I had no clue would show up in ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcomb Gladwell. There are observations about my family, my kids, my life, work, etc. All there, captured for as long as the hard drive holds them. It’s fascinating.

one day I’d like to go over the blog entries and write a book compiling the best of the last 30 years. Makes autobiography easy. In a way, isn’t that what a blog is? An ongoing autobiography?

Okay, I have to get to sleep.

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