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Drools Rules!

Okay, this is a deviance from my normal topic of conversation on my blog, but since I’m also a nerd, I can geek out on you if I want to :). So, one of the syndication feeds I subscribe to (and yes, I said syndication feeds instead of RSS feeds — I’ve recently discovered that RSS is merely a syndication PROTOCOL, of which there are many) is onjava.com from O’Reilly, and recently (8/3/05), they posted an article on drools, a java rules engine that looks pretty damn nifty. It reminds me a bit of the direct-to-web rules engine used in WebObjects, but this of course is a) free/open source, b) much more universal in intent, c) uses XML-based rules, instead of whacky plists, and d) you don’t need to be using WebObjects to get the power the rules engine.

Anyhow, if you’re a nerd (and there are a few out there), check it out. I might end up using this in the future (looks good for AI programming).

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