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First off, there is nothing that kills blog creativity like having to blog for work at the same time. I’ve not touched either blog since tuesday, because I’ve felt like I’ve been forced into leaving little messages about my sessions. Lame. Okay, I had good sessions, but I just wanted to, you know, enjoy them. Instead I have to give the book report. So be it. I’ll get around to it.

My trip to Portland was pretty cool, good conference, but I was freakin’ sick the entire time, waking up every morning with green phlegm in my head and lungs. It sucked. Every evening I felt close to fever until wednesday. I did manage to get out one night and see some live music — ‘Storm and the Balls’, at Dante’s. It was pretty damn fun, even if I paid for it the next morning with even more phlegm. I went to Powell’s tech bookstore too, and bought stuff for Eli, and a secret ninja toy for my birthday (you’ll have to come to the party to find out what it is!).

So I’m back now, and I’m finding it hard to sleep. Doh. Tomorrow I spend the day with the boys while Julie goes out with a friend, and then in the evening I go out to see a comedy show that my good friend is in — can’t wait!

I should sleep, but I see myself up for another hour or so. C’est la vie!

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