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Day two of Comic-con

I know, I’m making you all wait on pins and needles on how the con went, but I can only report so much and remember to so much detail each day. Bear with me.
On the second day, the intrepid adventurers discovered to their great delight that their kids and obligations were all left at home, allowing them to sleep in until 10:30 am, get their stuff on and together, make copies of their scripts, and head over to the convention center at around noon the next day.
We walked around the hall, starting off in the small press area, but stopping by Dark Horse every few hours to try and make contact with Anita, our direct line to product review. Of the places of interest, we found a group of self-published coworkers from Pixar that put together a great anthology and collection of comics, and I liked their book on females in the civil war so much that I bought it, and I came back in order to show them our project. They liked it, and we exchanged pleasant words. We also met with folks from ‘Across The Pond’, a small publisher, and we received very positive responses from them as well. We showed a copy to Dan Vado at Slave Labor, who along with the expected artistic criticisms said that he thought the mini was ‘very strong’, and to me that is praise hard won. We also gave a copy to AIT, and Larry said he’d read it and get back to me, but he was impressed with the production quality of the mini.
We walked the floor until around 5 pm, when Jen (Jason’s wife) came in and we met her at the hotel. She came over, we picked up her badge (much easier the next day, as previously mentioned), and walked the floor for a bit. She, of course, stepped 15 feet into the convention hall and got handed a free comic that normally runs $5, for the exchange of her artistic opinions to the artist. We leave the convention hall later, and head out to dinner. We go to a Persian restaurant, and our artist, Mike Parker meets us there for a delicious meal, followed with a visit to two different clubs, the first selling overpriced underliquored drinks and having only decent music, the second having a much better dance floor, better drinks and much better music. Mike became the center of a bridal party attack at one point, as the rest of us got jiggy with the booze. A good time was had by all, and we went home tired and danced out.
Tomorrow the next installment, where we get offers to do an eight-page in an anthology and an offer to have lunch at pixar…

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