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Comic-con a huge success (part one)

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear how the con went, and there is so much to say and so many ways to say it. This might be a very long post, but we’ll see if I have the stamina to put it all down before I fall asleep (it being 1:30 AM at the moment).
This story must be told in the right way and in the right order, so it begins on the day that leave to comic-con. I’ve packed my bags full of our first printing of the mini, clothes and sundries for the three-day stay. I’m ready and waiting to go, Jason’s just arrived and we’re off to the car, and Eli stops me. He tells me he’s got something for me that I have to take on my trip. I stop, and receive from him a large googly eye. Now such a gift can easily be taken and forgotten by a parent or any adult by a child, but I have learned in my years to take all gifts such as this as omens, and so I happily received the gift of the eye and tucked it into my pocket, knowing it would play some sort of role in my journey.
Jason and I loaded our bags into my car and drove ourselves over to Adrienne and Jim’s, to in turn pack all of our bags into Adrienne’s wagon, and drive ourselves to Oakland. We parked at Quickpark and took the bus over to the airport, checked our bags and went through the security lines. Here, the omens of the eye already start to work their magic. We have our pick of two security lines, both of which are backed up quite a ways. I make a call and choose the far line of the two, ‘challenging’ Adrienne and Jim to a line race. At first they take the lead, but fairly soon it becomes apparent that our line is moving way faster. So fast, in fact, that we finish up and are through security a full five or ten minutes before Jim and Adrienne.
Once we were all on the other side, we found our gate with ease and were nearly first on the plane. The flight went smoothly, with Jason and I working most of the trip on a new issue for the comic. We land fairly smoothly for San Diego (those who have been there, know what I’m talking about), get off the plane, grab our luggage, and cab into town to our hotel. There we meet up with other SDCC buddies and head on over to Ralph’s for the usual pre-con load-up on goodies. But before we go, I order up a roll-away bed (our room only has a king), which is delivered by a four-foot-six lady who I try to help, but am spurned for she knows what she’s doing and has done it a million times before. She folds out the bed, and leaves.
Starving, we head off to Ralph’s to get food and supplies for the week, including snacks, a six-pack of coke, a six-pack of diet coke, a six pack of Pilzner Uruqel, a large bottle of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, and a large bottle of Pirate bay Pineapple Rum (mmmm). We brought our booty back to the room and I called down for a mini-fridge. The same poor woman came up with two stacked on a dolly, and hefted the top one into our room. What a small and mighty woman she was. I unload all the stuff into the mini-fridge, and we head out to get our badges. As we cross the street and take in the gigantic conference center, Jason points out the second omen — the symbol of the comic-con is of course, a gigantic eye.
We head in, and stand in line to get our badges (a line that takes us two hours — future tip, we don’t get our badges on Wednesday), and while in line get handed a few mini-comics by other publishers/individuals which does much to bolster our confidence in our story and our efforts. Without naming names, we were shown that high production quality is not enough to make a good comic, but it is enough to get it looked at. Luckly, our mini has both good production quality and good content. We are appeased.
Once we get our badges, we walk the floor a bit and get completely overwhelmed. Then, we head out and decide to pick up our second-run prints of the mini (the first ones had a few typographical errors, and we decided to make a rush order down to the San Diego Kinko’s to get it right — as it turns out, the print quality was poor, and the fools cut them too large, so we couldn’t make hybrids of good covers and good contents). Once we grabbed our minis, we headed out to get dinner at The Field (yummy Irish pub), and on our way out to find something to do for the evening, just walking along fifth street, Jason hears music. He looks over, and we spot a DJ supply store named ‘Battle Monkey’ up a narrow stairwell. The bottom of the sign says ‘club info’, so we head up.
The store was a trip — had lots of gear and apparrel. Jason bought a ‘selfmade’ tee with fists breaking from chains. I nearly made a purchase, but couldn’t find a monkey monk shirt in my size. There are lots of club flyers, and Jason grabs a bunch, but on a hunch asks the woman behind the counter where the cool places to go are. She gives us a tip for that night to a club just downstairs (Red C) at which she is spinning that evening, and for a club on Friday called ‘Dragon Lounge’, held at the ‘Kava Lounge’ that isn’t on any flyers, but she says is THE PLACE to go for good drum and bass.
We take our leave, having acquired lore from a local guide, and gear up for the evening. We make it to the club that night, which turns out to be a good but basic set. We hang out, have some drinks, and do a bit more work on Horizon, but mostly we chill. It was a satisfying first night, and around 1:30 the club flashes their lights for last call. We bail, and head back to the room.
I will tell the tale of the next days and eves tomorrow and the next days, because it’s now like 2:50 AM, and I need to head to bed.

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