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Kinko’s was almost my best friend…

Actually, Kinko’s did just fine. I, however, somehow injected a typo into the copy on the first paragraph of the first page of the mini, which is going to force us to re-run at least a small batch of non-borked booklets for leaving with publishers. The 50 that I did run w/ the error in them will become give-away copies to those who are interested, in order to generate buzz. Other than the typo, the mini turned out really well I have to say. It looks really cool, IMHO.
In other news I stayed up until 3 am getting ready (yes I’m back-dating), but mostly trying to fix a damned bug in some pachyderm code, as to be done with my portion before I leave for 3 days right before we launch a beta. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the work done as planned, and it’s totally got me frustrated. The project in general is suffering from understaffing and overwork, and this beta release planned for monday of next week is really becoming painful for the few of us actually doing the work. But after today, there’s not much I can do. I’m going to go try and get a few hours of sleep now, so that I’m not a total insane wreck tomorrow (which is officially in 2.5 hours).
Fuck. I’m exhausted. I’m already missing my family and I haven’t even left yet. All I have to say is, I damned better work my ass off while I’m down there to make all of this worth it.

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