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Cafe Press was almost my best friend

…but I opted to go with Kinko’s instead. I could have gotten a 48-hour turn-around on the cafepress version of the mini-comic, but several things held me back from going that way:
1) I had a BIG PAIN IN MY ASS getting the files into the proper pdf format, and after I was actually done, the website wouldnt’ accept the file. it was HUGE (64 megs) so it took 17 minutes on my lan to upload each time, and I tried 10 times before I gave up. It left a bad taste in my mouth. They were very nice and someone took the pdf from me and reformatted it so that it would work (I guess they reduced the quality of the images to get them to a smaller file size, but is that what I want?)
2) By the time they had gotten everything straightened out for me, I had already checked in with Kinko’s, and they had a 24-hour turn-around. That’s if I waive the proof, which I did, and I hope that doesn’t bite me in the ass, but we’ll find out.
3) There’s just something about going in and laying my hands on paper and deciding what goes into the final product. I’m not totally 100% happy with the final choices as I owuld have preferred a different glossy-type cover for the mini, and I live in fear that it’s going to look too cheap, but whatever. That’s what publishers are there to provide — quality.
4) I found out last-minute that cafepress doesn’t print inside covers, and I had lain out my pdf expecting it, so I’d have to not only move the inside covers to the end or elsehwere in the mini, but I’d have to renumber and reposition everything, which would have sucked ass.
5) Kinko’s was less than half the price, for a quicker product.
So, I am guessing that sometime tomorrow I’ll get the call that things are ready for me. I’ll go and pick up the mini’s and hopefully they’re all beautiful.
Tell me to stop worrying.

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