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Blogging woes

Okay, so it’s no big deal, right? I can’t hold myself to a perfect record, because… let’s face it, I’m not perfect. The reality of the story is this — it’s been a hellific week with way too much for me to get done. Jason and Mike and I have been busting ass to get our mini comic put together for Comic Con, and work has been really freakin’ tough, and home life has been tough, and I just didn’t have the energy at the end of each and every day to blog. I thought of blog entries, and they were really good ones, too. But alas, I’ve forgotten them all. So, instead of continuing the farce this round, I’ve decided to let the days go by and be honest with my readers for once — I just didn’t get around to blogging.
What I did get around to, however, is getting the mini compiled and lettered. I’m trying to set up a rush order on cafepress right now as we speak, and either I’ll get the minis before we head to San Diego, or I’ll have them ship the mini’s to the hotel (that is, if the hotel will accept mail — I’ll have to check into that. Either that, or I let Mike bring them down the following day when he shows up (or Jen for that matter.) In any case, they’re done. I know there’s been requests for early viewings of the comic, but I don’t want to post anything until after we get back and I know our status, so please be patient and I’ll give you some eye candy later on next week.
So forgive me my blogging hiatus. I guess I won’t have an entry a day for an entire year as I intended, but I’ll make it up in quality as I move forward. Yeah, yeah. that’s the ticket.
Oh, and if you use a hammer to lightly tap out the dents in the corners of your powerbook, it mostly works!

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