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When do you just let go?

Tonight I spent way too much time going through crap in the office, getting ready to purge my tax records through 2000, since I recently found out you only need to keep detailed tax records for 4 years (yay!). So many things to shred. I also noticed that I have TONS of unread magazines that I hold on to, with the faint hope that someday I’ll go through them. The stacks just keep getting larger. I want to be a magazine reader, but I’m just not, really. I find it hard enough to read my email, much less periodicals. I once subscribed to the paper, but I must have read it maybe 3 times in the whole time. For a while I was really good and I was reading my SCIAM’s and my Dungeon/Dragon subscriptions, but now even they are piled up — this is not even mentioning consumer reports and all the computer/trade mags I get for free. How does one keep up with all the consumable material? The pisser is, I know there’s plenty to mine for the comic in the SCIAM’s, so I am loathe to just toss them out… but the reality is, the larger the piles get, the less chance there will ever be of me reading them. I think it’s time to just toss them all out and start fresh. There are gonna be some monster paper recycling bags out next Wednesday. I might skim the SCIAM’s at least for interesting articles that I can tear out and start a file… joy. an excuse to hold on to it. I need to just toss them. they aren’t like national geographics or anything — the science gets dated after a while. But still, it’s so good. I really do enjoy reading it. I’d put them by the toilet, but I don’t ever sit down long enough to actually read anything (no constipation problems here).
Just let go.
right now, I must just go to sleep, however.

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