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Burning through my past (again)

Okay, so I’m several days behind, but I am DETERMINED to bring myself back to the present before I finish for the evening. Quality will suffer, but hopefully there will be something interesting in the midst of the banal drivel.
Saturday — what did I do Saturday? Hmm. We got home Thursday, had a lazy Friday… Saturday. Well, Julie didn’t leave any details on her blog about it, so I guess I’m kinda clueless. Wait, was that Dri’s party? Yeah, that’s right. Adrienne’s birthday party. We went over to Dri’s and hung out (well, I got there like 3 hours late because of the oil change from hell, but that’s another story). That evening I can’t really remember the details.
It’s strange, Weekends just vaporize for me out of my memory. It’s like I spend so much of my attention focusing on work during the week that I just give my memory a vacation over the weekend. It’s not really what I would prefer — I’d rather forget work and remember my free time. Hmm. Gotta work on reversing the polarity on that one :).
Actually, let’s just remember as much as I can.
What was that again?

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