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Lazy days

Today I decided to stay home after nearly a week of travel, and did not much of anything. I did some email replying and general working on stuff and got Eli out of school early to go see Madagascar with him, and then we all headed out to Stinson Beach. Robin, Julie’s good old friend (the last bridesmaid) was out from Vermont, so she joined us for the day, and went out to Stinson with us. We had good home-cooked food from Emily, Julie’s mom, and Eli and I walked the beach picking up mussel shells and various beach detrius. We stayed late, then packed the kids into the car and headed home. We tucked ourselves in, and fell asleep.
All in all it was one of those lazy do-nothing days that we should indulge in from time to time (and maybe more frequently than that), but we always end up making ourselves busy on our time off, to get in the life we miss while we work. What we miss are the boring days of do-nothing, when we allow life to just wash over us and happen, and perhaps in those moments come small flickers of inspiration or illumination. And if you’re lucky, even contentment.

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