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Last day in NYC

Today was a pretty simple-easy day, waking up late with Isaac and packing a few things before heading back to the Javitz, then heading back (not in the rain this time), packing up the rest of what needed to be packed, and then waiting for Julie to get back to the Hotel so we can get on the road.
We had a crazy driver on the way back to the airport that was from Poland, loved to hear himself talk, and was a font of local knowledge. He took us through the backroads of Long Island getting us back to JFK to avoid the nasty traffic, and all along the way told us all sorts of interesting tales of local color. He ended up taking us to the wrong terminal first, because he was excited about going to Poland the next day, and he ended up fleecing us for a larger tip than I intended on giving him, because he couldn’t find change for a twenty, but all in all, we got to the gate just in time.
Isaac had a harder trip back than he did out to NYC, with lots of crying and fussing along the way. He was super tired, but just wouldn’t go to sleep. Finally half-way through he passed out, and gave us a bit of rest. We dragged ourselves out to the curb, rode back on the shuttle to our car, and just made it home before passing out. We got home about 11:30 pm, and we snuck in to Eli’s room for a goodnight hug and kiss. We then collapsed into bed, and that is all I have to say about that.
It’s good to be home.

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