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Excellent session and winning software

So today two major things happened — one was that D’Arcy and I gave a very successful session on distance collaboration (with an assist by King from Calgary). We had about 25 people show up to our session and stay through the entire talk! We demonstrated a lot of different software and talked about techniques, but mostly we talked about the importance of maintaining and supporting the relationships that the technology supports in distance collaboration.
The second thing is I attended a photoshop cs2 session and won a copy! Woot!
That’s it. Tonight we had dinner with Scott Morris of Apple at a very nice but expensive Chinese restaurant across the way from the hotel, Shanghai Express. Mmm yummy Peking duck!
We headed up to the bar at the top of the hotel again, where Scott’s wife got hit on by the bartender, and where we had very good conversation for a while until we all hit the wall and had to go back to our rooms and pass out.
Today’s my last day at the conference, and I fly home tomorrow.

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