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In a race with the present to keep up with my past…

That’s going to be a new tag line for my blog.
Why do I try so hard to fill in those little marks on the calendar, even as my memory fades and the details get lost? It has to do with the commitment, and with the fact that I know myself, and if I don’t hold myself to the ‘post per day’ rule, I will soon stop blogging. So, bear with me and my incessant backdating. You might actually read something interesting along the way.
Let’s see, this is Wednesday — the first full day in Honolulu, and the conference doesn’t start until the evening. Right. I pretty much spent the day with D’Arcy and his wonderful family (his wife Janice, his father-in-law George, and their really cute son Evan, who was not sure what to make of me at first, but by the end of the day, we were fast friends). We went out to a street fair and did some shopping, then ended up at the bay nearby the hotel, where we proceeded to play in tepid water and get ourselves burned to a crisp. I put on spf 30 (thanks to Janice who lent it to me), but I couldn’t reach my mid-back, and I paid for it later. I’m still peeling, and it’s a week later. Evan and I played splash fights and sifted through sand. He’s two, so it’s that perfect exploratory age. I was, of course, using the cute little tyke to assuage my guilt for being away from my own boys.
That evening, we had a big gathering, and much fun was had by all. I even won a tote bag from a raffle (which is hilarious, because just the week previous I was bitching to D’Arcy and King that I have way too many trade show bags).
Later that evening, I threw a bit of an impromptu party back in my room making mai tai’s for about eight to twelve friends (old and new). My sister made it out along with Quinn, as they just happened to be in the neighborhood for a wedding. I woke up the next day with a hangover, but I discovered I was not the worst off of the pack. And that’s all I’m going to say about that :).
So, yeah — fun day, lots of play time. The rest of the week was much more business.

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