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I’m here… finally

Five hour flights suck ass. However, drinking two very strong mai tai’s in a row goes a long way to help you forget. So I’m here, in Hawaii. Honolulu. It’s 2 AM California time, but only 11 pm here. I should get some sleep, and I will soon, thanks to my good ol’ buddy rum. But I thought I’d just drop a note to say, hey I’m blogging, and I’m at the NMC conference. I am all by myself here (other than the people I know, of course, who are attending the conference) and I’m a bit lonely already. I miss my wife, my family. It was nice to land and get a message at the desk from D’Arcy — thanks man, it goes a long way to have some contact. I went down to the bar half-hoping someone would be up and hanging out, but alas, no one I knew. I’m sure the next few nights will be more exciting.
Okay, gonna sign out. Thanks for listening. Expect a podcast soon — I just got a headset/mic from work and I’ll try it out when I have more bandwidth and more sleep.

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