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Alex Bosworth’s Weblog: Swik

This is a pretty cool looking resource for keeping up-to-date on open source projects.

Alex Bosworth’s Weblog: Swik: “

A common complain about Open Source is that it’s hard to find out how to make it work. I don’t really think this makes sense: if Open Source has any strength, it’s strength in numbers, and if there are many other people figuring out how to use software, they should be able to pass that knowledge along to everyone else.

Unfortunately, life is not always that easy for users of Open Source yet. That’s why SourceLabs is developing Swik, a web service for letting information about Open Source software flow from user to user, in a free and open way.

Swik is a wiki for any open source project. It’s a set of CreativeCommons pages that lets anyone share tips, links, definitions or instructions.

You can also stay up to date through Swik, you can subscribe any project to a set of RSS feeds and create a view of the news for a project, or subscribe”

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