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WWDC Day 5 (belated)

Okay, so it’s been over a week and I’m doing that backdating game, but why stop now.
The last day of WWDC, I was left with a confusion to whether Apple was the inspiration of Isaac Newton, or the forbidden fruit which when truly tasted gave the knowledge of good and evil, and showed you that you weren’t wearing any clothes. So many good things came out of the conference, such as the very carefully managed switch to Intel, the new improvements in development tools and core libraries — Apple has really been kicking some ass. The number of engineers they had on staff (500 for 3800 attendees) was phenomenal, and such amazing foresight was shown on managing what was potentially a very explosive and unpopular move. But on the other side of the fence, there’s been a withdrawl of WebObjects from all other platforms other than Mac OS X, and there is no real clear path for support of their legacy non-platform users. Words were exchanged and assurances were implied, but at the end of the day Apple did not show the same care and foresight in managing their WebObjects transition as they did the Intel transition. In our particular case we’re in negotiations for some sort of arrangement for deployment licenses on non OS X platforms, but if I were an enterprise that had heavily invested in WebObject on other platforms, and had millions of dollars in hardware, I would be furious.
It just seems to me that this is very much a ‘Microsofty’ maneuver, and for a company whose motto is ‘Think Different’, they are doing some very unoriginal thinking around this product. I hope they get it worked out.

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