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WWDC Day Four: My Mood is Improving, and Concerts at Apple are Fun

Okay, so today we got Pachyderm to run on a linux box, which is a tremendous breakthrough. It was really nice to see it running on our pathetic little dev machine (400 mhz processor, 2 gigs of hard disk, running red hat 7.x). Now we only have to tackle the hurdle of getting licenses for WebObjects available for the project, which we are actively working to get to happen. I’m still angry about the general lack of will to handle this problem ahead of time, but I think we’re moving closer to a solution at least on this project.
On other news, we went to the Apple campus for the WWDC beer bash, and though we knew there’d be a band playing, we had no idea we’d be treated to a Wallflowers concert. D’Arcy has a nice blog on this, complete with requisite pictures and video clips.
Other than the concert, and good food, beer, awesome mounds of cherries, etc. It was totally nostalgic for me to be on the campus of a big computer company like Apple. It brought me right back to the old Excite@Home days, and made me sigh and smile. However, in reality — I don’t miss the long hours, the high pressure, and the feelings of ineptitude I had back then, and I much prefer my nice comfortable CSU job, thank you very much. I still am challenged, but I get to go home to my family at the end of the day, and no one threatens to fire me if we don’t meet our quarterly numbers.
So… yeah… Apple. Cultish following. Good Aesthetic. Awesome music taste. I’m having fun.

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