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Really Concerning News from WWDC day two

So today we heard Really Concerning News ™ that has us scrambling to find a solution over the next week or so. Basically we have to get Pachyderm running on an application server which is not WebObjects (preferrably JBoss and Tomcat). From looking at D’Arcy’s attempt, we’re already pretty dang close, but of course the devil is always in the details. tomorrow morning we’re going in to the lab and getting Apple engineer help to get this all up and running smoothly.
On another note, tomorrow evening I’m definitely heading home early from the conference because my family is missing me, and my wife desperately needs my help. She’s been taking one for the team this week, and with the harsh reality of me being gone next week as well necessitates me finding something really nice and expensive for a gift for her. Oh, and did I mention our 10 year anniversary is the 18th, the day I’m flying back from my conference in Hawaii?
Sigh. Last year it seemed so cool that NMC was in Hawaii and I’d be going (and at that time, had supposed i’d be bringing Julie as well.) Now, well I feel like a heel for being away and in paradise without my love and partner of ten years.
This started off as a WWDC rant, but really I guess I’ve mostly been preoccupied with Julie and my family and trying to give them what they need while at the same time doing what I need to do to make the contacts and foster the relationships I need to make and foster, and to make sure our project doesn’t die in the water due to poor support decisions made on Apple’s part.
What does someone get for a 10-year anniversary?

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