Daily Archives: May 30, 2005

Memorial Day weekend is done over, y’all!

30 May 2005

Oh well. It went so fast, and I have nothing to show for it but more weight and less beer in the fridge. But, we had a great time doing it, with two barbeques and lots of family & friend visitings. I feel oddly refreshed by the social engagements, which usually take it out of me. I even got a lot to sleep last night (10 hours!) — though tonight will fare much worse, I’m sure.
What are we remembering, anyhow? 🙂
This one is WWI, I think, right? Or is it WWI and WWII? In any case — thanks guys for fighting the good fight so I can char meat on the bbq and speak English with my American friends. I really mean it — I am truly appreciative of those who fought in wars that actually meant something to the peace and prosperity of the USA. They are so few and far between these days. Instead, we have… wars for the American way of excess, which while I partake in the advantages, I can’t morally get behind it. I’m of the ‘love the troops, hate the war’ mentality. I mean, I do not blame the people in the field at all – in fact, they are the most patriotic poeple in the world, and they deserve our support and gratitude. I also dont’ mind that they totally believe in the war and their commanders, because we need an armed force that doesn’t ask questions of the command structure and that does their duty from the heart. What we do need is a better top-teir, and we need to stop allowing the military to be run by the political arm.
Anyhow, thanks guys for fighting, and some for dying, so that I might stay American.