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BBS: The Documentary is shipping

26 May 2005

Okay, most people wont’ give a shit about this at all, but it’s a window into my childhood. BBS’s, the proto-internet, was very popular in my circle of friends, and I ran my own BBS (Blackmoor Tower) for a good 6 years. It provided a social avenue to those who were otherwise devoid of a social life, and polished my desires towards programming. I can blame my entire career on this phenomenon.

BBS: The Documentary is shipping: “Cory Doctorow:

Jason Scott is the maintainer of Textfiles.com, a collection of all the textfiles ever posted to a BBS during the golden age of dial-up modems. He’s also a former Boing Boing guestblogger.

For several years now, Jason has been pursuing his labor of love: a five and a half hour documentary on the history of Bulletin Board Systems, called BBS: The Documentary. Now BBS: THe Documentary is finally shipping. Congrats, Jason!
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