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Some Days Just Suck

I’ve been completely overwhelmed in my professional and my personal life, and this morning, I just snapped. I won’t go into the gorey details, but right now is not a happy time in the D-A household. It’s time to regroup and get back on the same team with Julie, and we need to enter into some deep level negotiations. It appears that neither one of us is very happy right now, and I’m certain we’re no longer communicating properly. I’d like to lay the blame on having another child in the house, and certainly that has brought our issues out in relief, but in reality we’re still struggling with the same issues we’ve been struggling with since the beginning of our relationship, and I’m wondering if we might need some help.
I guess every day is a journey, and nothing is ever figured out completely. Relationships take work and effort, and it’s time for a tune-up on this here old betty. I think we just need to get back to the point where we feel like a team, and working from the same game plan. I’m so exhausting, dealing with it all is a bit overwhelming itself, but nothing really is more important than this right here and now.

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