Daily Archives: May 15, 2005

Sick Baby and Star Wars Lines

15 May 2005

So, earlier today we took Isaac into the after-hours care unit at the hospital because he was coughing so bad that he was vomiting up his feedings, and we were concerned that he needed some sort of medical care. Of course we were just being paranoid new parents, and he was fine — no chest cold, his ears are fine. They said his cough was probably nasal drip through the night and the best thing we could do is just feed him more when he throws up, and have him sleep in his car seat. So, sick baby. yay. I guess you can’t dodge the bullet forever. At least it’s not some nasty chest cold ear infection thing, and other than vomiting, Isaac’s in a pretty good mood. We count our blessings.
On other news, I stopped by the Star Wars line this evening around 9pm and hung out until midnight and went home. It’s right here, and we all can taste it. I found out that a) there’s power that can be stolen by a local establishment’s wall socket and b) there is an open wireless network that can be jacked, so I may be working from line part of Monday and Tuesday if I can work it. I did find out one spoiler that does give me pause to whether or not I will be bringing Eli to see the film, but I will only decide after first viewing the film myself.
May the Force be with you!