Daily Archives: May 13, 2005

Jason’s last day in Hell

13 May 2005

My good friend Jason has been working for a company on the peninsula for over three years, and for two of those three years, he’s been totally miserable. His boss is an idiot, the company is running itself into the ground with bad decisions, and they’ve all but told him there’s no room for advancement for him. In any case, he’s been wanting to break free for a long time, but has felt trapped due to the fact that he’s supporting a family, and trying to make it in the north bay. Well, several weeks ago he got an offer from O’Reilly publishers and accepted, and today is his last day. He’s been so overwhelmingly happy, it’s like seeing a brand new friend. And today is his last day. He’s going out to party with friends tonight, and I was going to join him, but I’ve had such an exhausting day with the kids, I think I’m going to have to pass. But, congratulations Jason my buddy, and party it up. I’ll see you in line for Star Wars next week!