Daily Archives: May 7, 2005

Family Visits and Salon

7 May 2005

Tonight we had our good friends Jen, Jason, Bryce and Emily over along with their kids, Iris, Alexandra, and we met William for the first time. All so very cute children. At one point all three mommies were breast feeding at the same time, and I was quite amused at the synchronized boobage. After dinner, Bryce, Jason and I ‘withdrew to the library’ to engage in lively discussion. It felt very provincial and old-school, and amused the hell out of my internal feminist. But that being said, I really enjoyed having the time with my friends in that setting, and my hat goes way off too the women of our lives who managed and wrangled our children, which is no small feat, especially since Iris and Eli become crazy nuts in each others’ presence.

I think that the forum of the salon is something we’ve lost as a culture, and something I hope to revive in my own life. I happen to have a lot of intelligent, well-read and well-researched friends, and sharing in their mental activity is stimulating to me. As Jason said, our minds were firing in ways we don’t normally indulge in, and it felt good. At three, the numbers were a little thin, and I think adding a few more to the mix would only enrich the conversation.