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Writing Again

I went out to Aroma Cafe again after about a two-month haitus and got a little writing done for Horizon:2150 issue #2. It’s been a while since I’ve applied myself to the process (gee, since Isaac was born) but it came pretty easily, though I was mega tired from being out all night the night before and not gettting more than 3 hours of sleep. But, I felt it was important to go out and make an effort. I had set the date with my friend Scott over 3 weeks ago, and I had to do it. It really feels good when your ego gets out of the way and you just start writing. Is it good? Is it crap? Just don’t think about it and write away. You can edit it later, add to it, tweak it, trash it — but if you don’t start, it won’t happen at all.
On other non-related issues, today is Beltaine, the day to celebrate copulation! Go have a good time.

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