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Wow, how’d it get to be the end of the month already?

It seems like April just began. Damn. Well, this marks the last day of my part-time status, and I return to work full-time next week. However, I am working it so that I have a couple of telecommute days each week (and as long as I continue to produce, I think I can keep it for a while). I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on this month, such as paying bills, lettering comics, billing my hosting clients, yada yada yada. Tomorrow, I’m going out to a friends to celebrate a birthday, so I’ll have to sneak a post in before I head out, because I won’t be back in time to post.

On the lighter side, today Julie and I really attacked the office and while we’re not quite done, we’ve moved all sorts of furniture around, and now we have the ‘dueling grandpa desks’ side by side in there, along with new (to us) bookshelves to replace our press-board wonders. We have a shit load of furniture to off now, and though numerous friends have laid claim to them, I am not going to sit with them in my garage for any extended period of time, so come and get it or I’m calling good will in a week or two. I can’t keep extra tables and desks and dressers in my garage forever.

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