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run linux on gmail

Okay, this has got to be one of the geekiest things I’ve ever seen… and yet, alluring. I’ll never do it, but I wonder — could you set up a web server from gmail?

run linux on gmail: “

Linux Code

yes you read right. it’s possible to install linux on gmail. richard jones wrote some python that allows you to mount
linux within gmail. you can use all kinds of unix commands to communicate with gmail like ls, rm, grep, cp, etc. it’s
an ongoing project in development but it’s very cool and allows you basically a 2gb virtual drive of sorts. you’ll
need to have libgmail and
FUSE at hand to make it work properly. libgmail communicates with
gmail while FUSE provides the filesystem. Give it a shot, it looks like it’s progressing very nicely.

(Via hack a day.)

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