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Tonight Jason, Ian, Matt and I picked up our GURPS Rome game after about a 2 month hiatus, and it was lots and lots of fun. I know some will never understand the joys of sitting around and play-acting with friends, but it’s the most emotionally-immersive imagination play I know of, and it feeds my soul. I actually have a lot of irons in the fire right now with gaming, which is great, but I have to make sure not to overdo it all at once. I have a Star Wars game on the horizon, and several D&D games I’m planning on starting back up again. Once all potential cylinders are firing, it could be a lot of sessions to handle. Have to make sure I keep it rational. But man, it’s so much fun. In the realm of hobbies, this is definitely my hobby above all else. I mean, where else can you conquer against multiple celtibarian forces, nearly die, recover, get promoted, and take over the operation of a house of ill repute all in the span of several hours?

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