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Isaac is Beautiful

Early in the wee hours I spent a long time after a bottle feeding just gazing at my new baby boy, and I had this moment of realization. First, I was just struck by how beautiful he is. He’s a gorgeous baby, just like Eli was, but in a new and different way. Julie and I have a particularly good genetic mix — we could make babies for a living and get top dollar for them, seriously. And second, I had a strong sense of Isaac as a little being, and what it’s going to be like to have a new little boy loving and adoring me just like Eli — or maybe in a new and entirely unanticipated way. What is true is that I truly love him, deeply.

It always takes the man a bit more time to fully bond with his babies I think, mostly because we don’t have the advantage of bonding in utero, but last night, I think it finally clicked for me fully. I really am excited to see more and more of Isaac’s personality develop over time. I can already tell he’s different than Eli, but I can’t quite articulate it. Not yet, at least. I’ve been telling people that he’ll be the ‘Strong, silent type’, but that’s just an approximation for this sense I’m getting from him. He’s solid, and he’s not demonstrative. He’s self-possessed, and knows exactly what he wants. I think he’ll be decisive, too. Strong will, strong mind. How can I say this about a month-old? I don’t really know. I could be totally wrong. However, as a parent, you have access to strange subtle energies, and I think I’m picking up on the Isaac future radio station.

We shall see. Until then, I just love him to pieces.

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