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foxblocker filters out fox news

Dude, we should start up a fund to buy up 120 million of these, and guerrilla install them in all the red state households.

foxblocker filters out fox news: “Fox Blocker

oh yes folks, just what you’ve always wanted. the foxblocker is a little piece of metal that screws
into your coaxial cable on the back of your television (or cable box) and will block out the news channel, FOX News.
this is a very interesting concept because in theory, you could start to daisy chain these together and filter out
whichever stations you wanted. i think it’d be fun to see these made into ‘nickelodeon blockers’ or something to that
effect. whatever will make your little brother cry.

it’s available now for $8.95 from the official website. thanks to off the
for informing me.

(Via hack a day.)

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