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April Fool’s is for fools

April 1st is that day we all tread lightly in the world, taking nobody at face value, and guarding against naivete and gullability, doing our best to dodge the playful jests of our friends and colleagues. I’ve never felt easy about this ‘holiday’ from truthful discourse, I must say — it breaks the rules of assumed trust that makes relationships work well, and I pretty much boycott the holiday every year. I think it teaches a hypocracy that isn’t good for our culture. It tells us that we cannot trust our friends and confidants to be truthful and honest, and it promotes the causing of pain and discomfort to our loved-ones. Perhaps I’m being overly dramatic, and I acknowledge that 99% of the pranks that are committed are harmless and the intention is in ‘good fun’, but I still can’t help think that it even in a small way it desensitizes us towards the honesty we should all have the right to just assume in our day-to-day life. In celebrating dishonesty, I believe we rob ourselves of the possibility of a better world.

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