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Descending into Work

I slowly feel myself pull back into the work modality as I’ve been reintroducing myself to the daily grind. I’ve not only been working on stuff for the CDL (getting my fingers dirty in Pachyderm again, checking email, replying, etc.) but I have also been doing some cgi coding for a client — nothing major, just a bit of modification to a canned form mail script to handle perl templating. It made me feel good to actually spend some time on code and get something useful and reusable accomplished. I can’t believe my time off is over — but I knew it wasn’t really going to be time off, just time transitioned from one sort of work to another. It has been good for my head space, but it must like all things, come to a close, so that I can continue to put food on the table. The real secret is to not return to the place of crazy that I left a month previous, but to chart out a new relationship with myself and my work load that is rational and that takes my family into account. Time to go play ball with my son(s), like I did after the day was through. This is the new me. Let’s see how well I can protect it.

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